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Laser Hair Removal Center of Philadelphia

In this laser hair removal clinic you will find the best solutions for your unwanted hair. Our laser hair removers are suitable for all skin types. Our NDYAG is perfect for African Americans and other dark skin customers. Our Alexandrite, on the other hand, is suitable for people with light skin and dark hair.

Ringpfeil Laser Hair Reoval Center of Philadelphia Institute of Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia

Best price for lazer hair removal in Philadelphia

Expect best hair removal service in one of the most advanced dermatology practices in philadelphia. Permanent hair removal can be achieved after 4-8 treatments. To achieve best results, treatments should be delivered in six weeks interval.

Hair removal center of Philadelphia dermatologist in Philadelphia

Laser treatment - Best price for permanent hair reduction by a dermatologist

Dr. Ringpfeil and Jill B. have a combined 20 year of experience with lasers. They utilize Candela's Gentle Lase and Gentle Yag to remove facial hair, back hair, arm hair, pubic hair, and other body areas in both women and men. A patient who is not suitable for laser hair removal, can get rid of unwanted hair by electrolysis.

hair Removal treatment with Candela's Gentle Lase Dr. Ringpfeil - Cosmetic Surgeon in Philadelphia
Dr. Franziska Ringpfeil - a Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist

"We provide safe and reliable laser hair reduction at a very competitive and affordable price. Our experience enables us to treat your hair aggressively but safely, and provide desired results in less treatments and at a lower cost.

I invite you to book a complimentary consultation here or by calling 610.525.5250"...

Franziska Ringpfeil, MD, board certified dermatologist.

Hair removal pricing (per treatment)

Hair removal pricing in Philadelphia

cheeks - $90
chin & upper lip - $90
ears - $60
neck - $90

Arms (both)
shoulders - $160
underarms - $90
full arms - $200
forearm - $120
hands & fingers - $90

chest - $250
abdomen - $170
areola (nipples) - $65
upper back - $200
lower back - $150
bikini lines - $120
bikini + naval line - $165
Brazilian bikini - $220
buttocks - $200

Legs (both)
thighs - $230
lower legs - $200
legs & thighs - $330
feet & toes - $100

Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology Other "Med" Spas
SafetyDermatologist always on siteUsually no physician on site
Provider Experience Average 8 years of experience with lasersVaries. Often three days of training before seeing customers
LasersAlexandrite for light skin, ND:Yag for dark skin "One laser fits all" (diode laser, ND:Yag laser or IPL)
PriceLowest cost per treatment. Pay as you go.Prepay for a six treatment package even when less treatments are needed.
EfficiencyThe most effective laser for each skin type
Results: less treatments & lower cost
"One laser fits all" is less effective
Result: more treatments & higher cost
# of treatmentsExperience allows us to treat your hair aggresively but safely.
Results: less treatments & lower cost
Lack of experience + no physician on site = high risk. Provider uses low laser setting to reduce risk.
Result: more treatments & higher cost

Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

As part of our patient education program, we developed the animation below to prepare our customers for the treatment.

Please take a moment to learn what you need to know before you go through a laser hair removal treatment. Learn how hair grows, how lasers interupt the hair growth, who is a good candidate, what to expect before, during and after the treatment, and what are the risks.

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Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia - Patients ask Dr. Ringpfeil answers

Please feel free to use the blog below to share information about Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia or to ask Dr. Franziska Ringpfeil a question that might be of interest to others.

22 Responses to “Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia”

  1. fallencherubim says:

    hi :) … i have a few questions. im caribbean, my skin color is white, i have black coarse hair (i hope this description helps) i have ingrown hair in a small part of my neck and along my jawline. i tweeze it every week or so, and i notice the more i do it, the more this hair problem grows. i also have black spots because of this. i would like to go to this place, but my family has scared me telling me that lasers are dangerous and give cancer. can this be true?? also, can you explain how much is gonna cost me for a small portion of my neck and my jawline?? and what can i do to get rid of these black spots?? thank you!!!

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Laser treatments have not yet been associate with any cancer development. In this regard, they appear to much safer than many other medical devices.
      Laser hair reduction on your neck and jaw line will stop the process of inflammation and thereby avoid that new dark marks occur. The current dark marks may have to be treated by fading creams or peels or microdermabrasion or a combination thereof. We currently charge $90 per treatment of the neck and the same price for the cheeks. Usually, around 6 treatments may be needed to get best results and maintenance treatments every 6 months to 3 years are recommended. Please make an appointment for complimentary consultation with our aestheticians and to obtain a specific quote.

  2. Richied from Gladwyne says:

    Hi, I had my back waxed on 2 occasions.
    I have done this to save money since I always felt that laser treatment
    were more costly and time consuming.

    Would be interested if you would share the procedure, cost and frequency of appointments.
    Also, how long would each appointment be (approximate).
    Are there any hidden cost?

    Thank you

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Full back treatments (upper back + lower back) typically take between 30 and 45 minutes. the cost of a single treatment is $200 for the upper back and $150 for the lower back ($350 for a full back). Typically, 6 treatments are needed to reach desire results. Treatments should be performed every six weeks.

  3. Maria S. from Mainline says:

    Hi… Ok here’s my issue. I have facial hair along my jawline and neck. I have had several Laser Hair Removal Treatments over the past 2 to 3 years. Treated every 8 to 9 weeks. The hair is gone for about 7 weeks and then it comes back. I have had my blood work done and everything is normal. What could be the issue and what do you suggest?

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Several factors play a role in hair growth and in hair removal. You should be off hormonal birth control for 6 weeks before blood work is performed.
      Hormonal abnormalities are not just the deviations from an accepted reference range. The ratio of LH and FSH must also be evaluated. Very rarely, there are hormonal abnormalities that cannot yet be detected. The laser and energy settings are important for hair removal and very low energy settings can paradoxically stimulate hair growth. Make sure you select a provider you can trust. For different reasons, many spas chose to treat customers with low energy settings.

  4. sjondi from Philadelphia says:

    i have had chin hair since i became pregnant with my son, 16 years ago. it seems to grow as soon as i pluck them, like the next day, it has grown back. it has gotten thicker and seems to be moving towards my neck. its like a forrest there. waxing also doesnt work long, about 2 days if that. is there a guaentee that laser hair removal will work?

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Laser hair removal reduces 90% of your unwanted hair in 6 treatments if spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Additional treatments reduce the hair even further.
      Dormant hair follicles (those that are not in production during laser hair
      treatment) can be treated by maintenance treatments. Some require a maintenance treatment every 6 months whereas others can go for several years before they need a maintenance treatment.
      The speed of hair regrowth you describe is very unusual and may suggest an underlying hormonal imbalance. I would recommend that you speak to your primary doctor, dermatologist or gynecologist about the possibility of screening for this. When a hormonal abnormality is causing excessive hair growth, the above stats do not apply unless corrective treatment of the underlying medical condition is started at time of laser treatment.

  5. Jackie from Bala Cynnwyd says:

    I’m an African American women with very sensitive skin. My problem is my bikini area, I get brazilian waxes once a month. They last for about two weeks, but they leave me with ingrown hairs and the ingrown hairs leave behind dark spots. Would laser hair removal work for me? Also is there anyway I can get rid of the dark spots?

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Laser hair removal will correct this problem. The ingrown hair will stop and when you do not get noew ones, the pigmentation form the older ones will fade over time. The process of pigment correction can be expedited by the use of fading creams.

  6. elaine p from Bryn Mawr says:

    Hi yes, I have chin and upper lip hair. I hate it! I am a light brown skinned woman. My hair is black and thick. Can you please help me? And if so how many times would I have to come in?

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      The Nd:YAG laser is the laser that is suitable and safe for you. Most people who undergo laser hair removal need about 6 sessions that are spaced 4-6 weeks apart to lose 90% of their hair. Sometimes lesser number of treatments will suffice and sometimes it may take more than 6 treatments. Regardless of number of treatments needed to remove the hair, maintenance treatments should be considered once dormant hair becomes productive. The frequency of a maintenance treatment varies greatly, ranging from every 6 months to every 3 years.

  7. Hisham says:


    A year ago, I did 3 treatments of laser hair removal for my neck at one of the Laser Hair Removal Centers. I didn’t get any result, or let say, unnoticeable result. I have light skin and black hair…. Also, I did my whole back when I was in Poland in 4 treatments. And i got excellent result. From my experience, i found out many place keeps you in low laser strength to keep you coming back for more treatments. I’m really looking foreword for place to gain my trust, because I have many areas I need to work on. Also, Do I need to restart all over again to retreat my neck?

    Thank You

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      I understand your frustration. There are several explanations for the difference in outcome. First, not all body parts respond to laser hair treatment with equal speed. Second, I have heard that very conservative laser settings are typically used in hair laser centers where there is no direct physician supervision, although I thought the explanation was avoidance of unforeseen side effects not gain in business. As a dermatology office we are different than a “hair laser center”. There is always a physician on site and through more than 14 years of experience, we always use skin and hair appropriate settings that achieve results.

  8. elona from Bryn Mawr says:

    Hi am a very hairy person I have hair growing everywhere that it is not suppose to. I have a white skin with black hair. the hair is thicker then what it should be and it is longer then what it should be. it feels like i get more and more every year and i don’t know how to stop it. I am a women and the hair is everywhere:arms, lower back, stomach ect. If I will start treating them with laser it will cost me a lot of money but i have to make sure that I will have good results and if it will work on my body and i can be free of hair.

    • Franziska Ringpfeil MD. says:

      Your description is suggestive of hormonal overstimulation of hair growth which may have a medical or genetic origin. You should be evaluated by your dermatologist for hormonal imbalances. If hormonal imbalances are detected, laser hair removal can start at the same time as you start medical treatment of these imbalances and will have the results your desire. If hormonal imbalances are present and are not treated, laser hair removal will only temporarily provide results. If hormonal aberrations are ruled out, laser hair removal may commence anytime and you will have good results just like everyone else.

  9. mayaa from Mainline says:

    MY name is mayaa ,i have facial hair ,hair colour is brown ,at chin ,small portion of neck,below checks,i live in jakarta,can u tell me any solution ,hair type is thin,

    • Dr. Ringpfeil says:

      If hair is brown or black, laser can be used to reduce hair. The type of laser to be used depends on the skin color and the thickness of the hair, not the thickness of the skin. If you are originally from Jakarta, I must assume that your skin color is a light or medium brown. This means that Nd:YAG laser is best.

  10. Terry Shaw from Villanova says:

    I would like to purchase laser hair removal for my wife, she wants to get he armpits done. I am wondering how many sessions is needed for this so I can she hat the otal price will be.

    Thank U.

    • Dr. Ringpfeil says:

      The underarms require between 3 to 6 treatments every 4-6 weeks to remove 90% or more of the hair. Each treatment is $90. The total cost therefore is between $270 and $540. Most people require a maintenance treatment every 6 months to 3 years because dormant hair cannot be targeted by laser and may lead to some stray hair after a while. Please check out our video on the website to familiarize yourself with the process.

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